Events: This page is for events coming to Wisconsin Dells. Wisconsin Dells has plenty of year around attractions, but other events, shows, festivals and gathering come to the Dells as well.  We are excited to share these events with you. 

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At Experience WisDells, we want every visitor and local to experience all there is to do in Wisconsin Dells.  Find Your FUN in Wisconsin Dells is easy!  There is so much to do and experience!  If events coming to Wisconsin dells is what brings you to the area, check out our Things to Do page for ideas to enhance your time in Wisconsin Dells.  There is so much to experience in Wisconsin Dells.  We want to help you make the most of your time here.

Sometimes these shows can be fun, exhilarating and exhausting!  Make sure you check out some of our ideas for taking time to relax.  Find your fun in a great meal in Wisconsin Dells.  Find your fun taking a walk in nature at a state park.  Wisconsin Dells is the waterpark capital of the world, but it is also where memories are made.  Go find your fun, and make some memories!

Advertise here: If you have a show, festival or event coming to Wisconsin Dells, please message us at info@ExperienceWisDells.   We would love to help publicize your event on our website, Experience WIsDells.

Events coming to Wisconsin Dells:

Automotion classic car show May 22 and May23.

One event Do you have a favorite event or festival that comes to Wisconsin Dells every year?  One of our favorite events is Automotion, the Classic car show.  The 35th annual classic car show is coming up in May.  Check back to Experience Wis Dells to learn more.  To learn more, watch the video below. 

Wo-Zha-Wa Days Fall Festival September 17 – 19

This fall festival includes a flea market, Maxwell street days, concessions and rides, music and more!  Check back to the events page at Experience Wis Dells to learn more