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Experience Wis Dells With Us

There are so many ways to experience Wisconsin Dells.  
Wisconsin Dells is our favorite city for so many reasons. For starters, it is close by – Wisconsin Dells is located about an hour from Madison, a couple hours from the Minneapolis area and a half-day drive from the Chicago area – and there are multiple ways to experience Wisconsin Dells.  With so many things to do in Wisconsin Dells, one cannot possibly experience them all in one visit.  It takes multiple visits to this great city of Wisconsin Dells to take in all it has to offer.  Now you understand why having this amazing city close by is important to us!

Experience the taste of Wisconsin Dells –

With so many restaurants available, you can eat at a different location every meal and not run out of tasty options!  Experience the diverse and wonderful tastes of Wisconsin Dells!

Experience the nature of Wisconsin Dells –

States parks, county parks and plenty of wooded nature areas are available for you to experience on your next visit to Wisconsin Dells.  Have a picnic, take a walk, just sit and read a book in the beautiful, natural habitat that surrounds this great city. 

Experience the sounds of Wisconsin Dells – 

The sounds range from live music, children’s laughter, to that of splashing in the water parks!  Theaters with world famous bands, to local bars with local music, to karaoke, and outdoor venues for casual, free concerts – Wisconsin Dells has all the options for live music to entertain you!

Experience the shopping of Wisconsin Dells –

Outlets at the Dells offers an open-air experience to shopping with name brand products at outlet prices!  The thriving downtown has even more shopping with block after block of T-shirt shops, blown glass shops, fudge shops, specialty stores and one of a kind gifts for every person on your list!

Experience the touch of Wisconsin Dells –

Many interactive experiences in Wisconsin Dells for children of all ages! From the Tommy Bartlett exploratory, Wizard Quest – an interactive scavenger hunt, to the Deer Park, Timbavati and Alligator Alley, where you can see and touch a wide variety of animals and species.  Wisconsin Dells has it all!

Experience the water of Wisconsin Dells –

Sure, we are known as the waterpark capital of the world, but there are also plenty of lakes and rivers around Wisconsin Dells.  From boating to tubing, fishing, kayaks, canoes or a boat ride, Wisconsin Dells has it all!

Experience the waterparks of Wisconsin Dells  –

We are known as the waterpark capital of the world!  From the wave pool, to the most highest water slide, come and experience all of the waterpark fun in Wisconsin Dells!

Experience the thrill of Wisconsin Dells –

From rollercoasters that go under a parking lot and back up again, to a Las Vegas style family friendly magic show, the thrills never stop in Wisconsin Dells!

Experience the history of Wisconsin Dells –

Identified as a convenient reference point by French explorers in the 1700’s, Wisconsin Dells is one of the oldest sites to appear on maps of the western Great Lakes region.  Originally called the “Dalles” of the Wisconsin River, the name stuck after the French explorers left Wisconsin, with the spelling and pronunciation Anglicized as the “dells”.  Historic Wisconsin Dells has plenty to satisfy the History enthusiasts. Museums, historic architecture and the preserved nature the French explorers saw in the 1700’s!

Experience the excitement of Wisconsin Dells – 

There is so much to get excited about in Wisconsin Dells!  The excitement will build as you plan your getaway.  When your getaway is complete, you will be excited to come back and again and do the things there wasn’t enough time for this trip.  One cannot possibly take in all of the Wisconsin Dells experiences in just one trip!

Whether you are a solo adventurer, a couple, a family or group of friends looking for fun, Wisconsin Dells has the experiences you want in a getaway. Regardless of your age, your definition of fun, or time of year there are so many ways to experience Wisconsin Dells.  Come and find your experience and fun today in Wisconsin Dells!  We look forward to seeing you in Wisconsin Dells.

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Author: Shane Linskey

Hello my friends and welcome to Experience Wis Dells! My name is Shane. I personally have been coming to Wisconsin Dells for more than 40 years. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, I can remember coming to Wisconsin Dells on Memorial Day weekend, Labor day weekend and many times in-between! What started out as family trips with my parents to Wisconsin Dells turned into a tradition I continued with my own children. One of my fond memories of Wisconsin Dells stems from a picture I have of my sons and myself. My boys were about 3 and 5 years old, the picture was taken on the deck of one of the cottages at my friend’s cabin. My boys were not any taller than the railings on the deck when the picture was taken! Now, they are in their 20’s and come to Wisconsin Dells on their own, with their friends! I love that the tradition continues. My reasons for continuing to come to Wisconsin Dells have stayed the same over the years, even as my tastes and interests have changed – there is that much to do in Wisconsin dells! That’s what I love about Wisconsin Dells and have created blogs like Experience WisDells and WisDells Deals!

Somewhere in my youth, I developed a passion for travel. Planning the trip, researching places to stay, things to do in a new city, finding what locations have to offer, it is all exciting. Yet, in all my travels, Wisconsin Dells is one of those cities I find myself coming back to repeatedly. My passion for Wisconsin Dells stems from all there is to do here! For all the years coming to Wisconsin Dells, there are still things I have never done in Wisconsin Dells! That is why my next trip to the Dells is already planned!

I own and operate a few businesses. This gives me the flexibility to work from wherever I have an internet connection. In fact, I am so enthusiastic about Wisconsin Dells; I even operate a business located in Wisconsin Dells. My Friend’s Cabin offers cabin and cottage rentals in Wisconsin Dells ( It is exciting for me to share the experiences Wisconsin Dells has to offer through Experience WisDells, and WisDells Delas(, whether this is your first time visiting the city or if you are a seasoned tourists! Either way, I am willing to guess I can help you find things to do you didn’t know were available in Wisconsin Dells!

If this is your first trip to Wisconsin Dells or your 10th time, I hope you find this site helpful in planning your next big adventure to Wisconsin Dells, where memories are made. Find Your FUN and I look forward to seeing you in Wisconsin Dells!

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